11 Budget-friendly (and unique) DIY LEGO Party Ideas

When my boys were 6 and 4, they were obsessed with LEGO, so when it came time to throw them a joint birthday party, there was NO question what the theme of the party was going to be. Below, check out the party details, a fun video, and FREEBIES for you to download.

All 11 ideas are below, but you can also get a closer look at the party details in the video I made here:

1) Invitation - I made the invitation on Picmonkey.com... using a picture of my boys holding giant LEGO figures I made using foam board from the dollar store. Get a closer look here.

2) Arrival activity - When the guests arrived at the party, I had them sit at the table and design their own mini figures. It's a fantastic way to entertain kids while you are waiting for all the guests to arrive.

To download the printable LEGO person for FREE: click on the picture below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 8x10 photo.

3) Guess the number of LEGOs in the jar  - Fill a dollar store jar with LEGO pieces, have the kids guess the number of pieces in the jar, and the child with the closest guess takes the jar home. Easy peasy!

4) Balloon tennis - Kids like to move, so this game is perfect. Use duct tape to attach craft sticks to plates, add a LEGO head, and blow up some balloons. Put on some music, and have fun!

5) Homemade pinata - Blow up a balloon, cover it in paper mache, paint it red, and add a little yellow mask made of card stock. That's it!

6) Pin the head on the LEGO man - Based on "pin the tail on the donkey", my version has a LEGO twist. Get the FREE templates for this game here.

7) Life size LEGOs - Raid the recycling bin, wrap the boxes in wrapping paper, and add cardstock dots (with mounting tape to give them a 3D effect). These are fun to play with, and they are fantastic for decor too!

8) Decorate LEGO cookies - Make rectangle cookies, add food colouring to icing, and add Skittles. How cute are these???

9) LEGO bean bag toss - Cover an old box, add some holes... and voila!

10) Simple homemade LEGO cakes - I made two EASY cakes for my boys. I made a round cake, frosted it red, and added a mask to make a LEGO Ninjago cake. Then, I frosted a rectangle cake blue, and added frosting covered Oreos to the tape. Cute, right?

11) LEGO party favors - Make LEGO chocolates using silicone molds. add them to cupcakes, package them, and add a thank you note.

I love this party, don't you? My boys and their friends had a lot of fun with it!

I hope you like these budget-friendly LEGO party ideas. Unique details really are the key to making a celebration memorable. Happy party planning!

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)

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