7 Tips for Party Planning on a Budget

Parties (especially children's birthday parties) can quickly get out of hand. In an attempt to throw the perfect party, you can easily lose track of the budget. However, I'm here to tell you that a fun and memorable party does NOT need to break the bank. Today, I'm sharing 10 tips for throwing a fantastic party... on a budget.

1) Limit your guest list - Think carefully about who you want to invite and who you need to invite. Consider just hosting a few close friends or throw a "family only" party. You don't need to invite an entire class or sports team. (Just don't invite most of the class or sports team... and only exclude a few kids. That's just mean.)

2) Carefully consider the venue - Hosting a party outside your home may seem expensive, but many places offer budget-friendly packages that include a venue, activities, and food. Consider all your costs, and make an informed decision.

3) Create your own party games and activities - Customizing party games and activities can be easy and inexpensive if you make them yourself using cheap materials. DIY elements are budget-friendly and make the party unique and special. You can read more about some of my favourite DIY party games and activities here.

4) Pick a party theme - A cohesive party theme really pulls a party together and gives it a professional feel. You can find some of my favourite DIY party themes here.

5) Keep the party food simple - Try not to go overboard with the food. Chances are the guests will be too busy having fun to spend a lot of time eating. Buy food that fits your party theme for an extra special touch. You can find some of my favourite DIY food ideas here.

6) Make your own DIY cake - Making your own cake instead of buying one from a bakery or cake making professional can save a lot of money. It can also be a great way to add a personal touch to a party. Cakes don't need to be fancy either. Check out my favourite simple DIY cake ideas here.

7) Hand out thoughtful (but inexpensive) party favors - You don't need to spend a lot of money on party favors, but guests will appreciate going home with a simple "thank you for coming" gift. Read about 40+ of my favourite loot bag / party favor / goody bags here.

Planning a special and memorable party doesn't need to break the bank. These tips should help you plan the perfect party... on a budget.

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)