Simple DIY Golf Party

Parties don't need to be elaborate to be fun. The key to a unique and memorable party is including DIY details that pull the party together. Today, I am sharing the simple DIY golf party I hosted for my youngest son on his 11th birthday.

The best part about golf party is that the entertainment is included. For my son's party, we went to a mini golf course, and the kids had fun competing with each other.

After a round of golf, the kids came back to my van, and we had some snacks in the parking lot. I had my coolers stocked with freezies, juice boxes, and chips. The party guests also had fun claiming prizes from the prize punch I made. 

Prize punches are a staple at all our parties, and you can find the full DIY instructions (using dollar store supplies) here.

And what is a party without cake? These golf cupcakes couldn't be easier to make. I made my favourite cupcakes, frosted the cupcakes with green icing (using a tip that makes the icing look like grass), added a flag made from a toothpick and red electrical tape, and finished by adding a white gumball. Cute, right?!?

Finally, I made a practical and fun personalized water bottle "loot bag" for the party guests. They were useful while the boys were playing golf, and they were practical gifts to take home from the party.

I think a golf party is a great party theme, and the DIY details of this celebration were easy, inexpensive, and super-cute! 

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)