Camping Party Games and Activities

My two youngest boys have summer birthdays one week apart, so joint birthday parties are perfect for us. However, it's always a challenge to come up with a party theme that works for everyone, but "camping" party games and activities are fun for ALL ages. Today I am sharing the details of the camping party games and activities from our party.

All of my boys' often get called "Bellzie" (because our last name is Bell), so the name of our camp was "Camp Bellzie", and I posted a simple camp schedule. Our schedule included: a scavenger hunt, games, a prize bunch, supper, cake, making s'mores, and crafting a candy kabob.

The scavenger hunt was a highlight for the party guests. I set it up before the guest arrived, and broke the kids into teams. The scavenger hunt had puzzles to solve, clues to find, and challenges to do. It was a lot of fun!

In the end, everyone got a prize... and the first people back got first picks of the prizes.

The kids also played a variety of games. I put a bunch of balls and Frisbees on the lawn, and the kids made up their own games. I also had a booth for "guess the number of jellybeans in the jar".

Of course, a camp out wouldn't be complete without some toasted marshmallows and s'mores. I set up a little s'more bar stand by the fire pit, and the kids loved it! 

The kids also enjoyed making their own candy kabobs and playing chocolate bar bingo.

Finally, the kids were all able to try their luck with our prize punch. Prize punches are staples at all our parties, and you can read all about them here.

There are so many fun ways to entertain kids at birthday parties, but I think these camping party games and activities are extra fun. Have you ever hosted a "camping" party for your kids? What were your favourite games and activities?

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)

Simple DIY Camping Cake

I am not a professional cake decorator, but I do like making my boys cakes on their birthdays. So, when my two youngest boys had a camping themed birthday party, I make them two separate campfire cakes. They were simple to make, and my boys loved them!

My middle son chose a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and my youngest son chose a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

For the chocolate cake, I used chocolate wafer cookies to make the campfire logs, and I used froot roll ups cut and wrapped around wooden skewers for the fire. I trimmed the outside of the cake with roasted marshmallows.

For the vanilla cake, I used Twix bars for the campfire logs, and froot roll ups for the fire.

As you can see, my boys were both were super happy with their cakes... and I liked that they were easy to make.

Hopefully, their birthday wishes come true! 😄

Do you like making simple homemade cakes for special occasions? They don't always turn out perfect, but they are always special.

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)

PS (You can find more special DIY cakes here.)

Simple "Happy Face Ball" Party Favor... with FREE printable tags

Every party needs a party favor / goodie bag / loot bag, and these simple happy face balls are inexpensive and fun. The secret is the adorable printable tag I designed, and today I am sharing the tags with you for free.

I purchased a bunch of happy face stress balls, I placed them in clear cellophane bags, and I attached the cute "I'm HAPPY you came to my party!" tags.

To download the tags I designed: click on the photo below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4x6 photo.

Pretty cute, right?

I love how bright and cheerful these happy face balls are. This simple party favor is a great option for many different party themes.

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)

How to Host a DIARY OF A WIMPY KID Movie Night

I love a movie night... and I especially love one that has food and decor to go with the theme of the film. My boys love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, so the film versions are perfect for movie nights with their friends. Today, I'm sharing the fun (and simple) details of our DIY "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie night.

Note: This post contains a few affiliate links. If you purchase something using one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Every party starts with an invitation, so I designed a simple one using We decided to host an outdoor movie night, and we asked our guests to bring sleeping bags and pillows so that they would be comfy and warm.

The kids got cozy, and we projected the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie onto a white sheet inside the gazebo on our deck.

And because young party guests are always looking for snacks, I decided to serve some simple "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" themed food

Of course, we had popcorn... a movie night "must have". 

Several years ago, we invested in a quality popcorn maker (by Bullseye), and we use it all the time. The popcorn is delicious!

We also served "cheesies" which we displayed with a "Be careful of the CHEESE TOUCH" sign. (It's in reference to a famous scene from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.)

To download the sign I designed: click on the picture below, right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4x6 photo.

And, because kids love candy, we served some of our favourite candies in individual containers. The condiment containers make the candy easy to grab, look cute, and help with portion control. They are disposable, but I always reuse mine.

Having a game for kids to play when they arrive at a party is always fun. For our Diary of a Wimpy Kid party, we filled a jar with gum, and all the kids had a chance to play "Guess how many pieces of gum are in the jar". The child that had the closest guess took the jar home.

Note: Did you notice that we used Diary of a Wimpy Kid books as decor on our food table? Cute, eh?

We also had a little Diary of a Wimpy Kid photo booth. I drew a few of the characters onto white cardstock, I cut them out, and I attached them to popsicle sticks. The kids loved posing and taking selfies.

Finally, when the movie was over, we sent our guests home with a little Diary of a Wimpy Kid party favor. I attached, "Thanks for POPPING by!" tags to packages of microwave popcorn.

Our Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie night was simple, but all the DIY details made it super-special, and the kids all had a lot of fun.

Are you fans of book-themed movie nights? If you have kids, I highly recommend the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movies. They are a lot of fun, and they are great for kids and adults.

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)

PS (You can find more of my favourite DIY party themes here.)

Crazy Straw PARTY FAVORS... with free printable tags

Every party needs a simple party favor / loot bag / goodie bag. It's always fun for guests to leave with something that lets them know that you were happy that they came to the party. Today, I am sharing a simple idea... and free printable tags.

How cute are these tags with crazy straws inserted into them? They say, "Sip Sip Hurray! Thanks for coming to my birthday!"

To download the tags I designed (in blue or pink): click on the tag you want to use (below), right-click, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4x6 photo.

You can use plastic straws, or you can opt for reusable straws if you want a more environmentally friendly option.

Once you have the tags printed, cut slits in the tops and bottoms of the tags with an x-acto knife, and insert the straws.

Isn't this a cute and simple party favor idea? It would be great for a summer party, but it really works with any party theme. I love an easy and inexpensive party favor idea, don't you?

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)

DIY Tea Party... with a simple "Beauty & the Beast" theme

The story of Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic, so it is a perfect theme for a party. What child wouldn't love getting dressed up and attending a Beauty and the Beast themed tea party? All you need to do is: put up a few DIY decoration, bake a few cupcakes, make some tea sandwiches, pour some tea (juice) and make a few crafts. It's easy, inexpensive, and lots of fun... and today I am sharing all the wonderful DIY details you need to know to host a simple Beauty and the Beast tea party.

Like any party, a good tea party needs simple and festive decorations.

You can easily craft a doily banner using paper doilies from the dollar store. Just use glue to attach folded doilies over a piece of twine. Then, embellish the banner with flower clothespins and letters that spell out "tea". 

You can also use an old book to make a book page table runner. Such a simple idea... but it is really cute and adds some visual interest to the table.

In keeping with the "book" theme, use some colourful hardcover books to display an "enchanted rose" centrepiece that can be made using more dollar store supplies. You can find the full tutorial for this dollar store Beauty and the Beast centrepiece here.

And to complete the decor, I designed this "Be Our Guest" sign. You can download it for FREE by clicking on the photo below, right-clicking, saving it to your computer, and printing it like a regular 8x10 photo.

To keep everyone entertained, consider having the guests do a variety of Beauty and the Beast themed crafts.

The tea party guests can make paper crowns that they can decorate with jewel stickers.

The kids can also made paper flowers with their pictures in the centre. Cute, right?

And everyone can make enchanted mirrors from tin foil, paper plates, craft sticks and jewels.

Finally, the party guests can craft their own rocking teapots on paper plates folded in half. I love that they can play "tea party" and "pour" tea long after the party is over.

For food, keep things simple. Serve tea (apple juice) in tiny real glass tea cups, cupcakes with sprinkles, and tea sandwiches.

Kids will love peanut butter or jam sandwiches cut out with flower-shaped cookie cutters.

This is a really simple party theme, but it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

A Beauty and the Beast tea party would be great for a birthday party, a special afternoon, or a movie night. Do you have little ones that would enjoy these treats and crafts?

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)