Budget-friendly GRADUATION Party Ideas

My oldest son is graduating from high school, and of course, we'll be doing a lot of hosting and entertaining. I have some fabulous budget-friendly graduation party details to share today, and you are definitely going to want to include them in YOUR celebration.

Check out this graduation photo prop made from a piece of dollar store foam board and stickers. Seriously... it's soooo easy and cute! Find the step by step instructions here.

And how adorable is this graduation centre piece made by gluing dollar store frames together? I LOVE a piece of decor that includes photos, don't you? Find the step by step instructions here.

And I LOVE this graduation tiered tray made from dollar store plates and candle stick holders! It takes a few minutes to glue together, and it looks fantastic! Find the step by step instructions here.

You'll also want to make sure you get lots of photos, and a hashtag will make photo sharing easy. This graduation photo hashtag sign is free at EastCoastMommy.com, and you can pop it in a dollar store frame. Easy peasy! Grab your free download here.

Get a closer look at these four pieces of DIY graduation decor below.

Guests will also need fun food, and I think this DIY graduation candy bar is perfect. Grab your free tags here, and check out the instructional video below.

Finally, you are going to want to make sure guests leave with a fun graduation party favor. You can check out my FIVE favourites in the video below, and you can download the 2024 tags for free here.

I hope you like these budget-friendly graduation party ideas. Unique details really are the key to making a celebration memorable. Happy graduation party planning!

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)