Carnival Party Games and Activities

A backyard carnival is simple to put together. All you need are a bunch of simple games and inexpensive prizes. This post is full of simple and inexpensive DIY carnival games and activities.

Everything I made was created using my printer and some dollar store supplies. The signs were designed using Picmonkey, and they really tied everything together.

Check out this simple guessing booth. I filled two dollar store jars with candy, and the child that was able to guess closest to the amount in each jar was able to take that jar home after the party.

The straw draw was another popular game with the party guests. Bits of paper were rolled up and inserted into pieces of straws. Some of the bits of paper had "small", "medium" or "large" written on them. Then, kids picked straw pieces, and those that found prizes were able to claim them.

I also made a ring toss by hot gluing a paper towel roll onto a dollar store cake pedestal. The rings were made from pipe cleaners. (To make it a little fancier, I used hot glue to attach carnival tickets to the cake stand.)

A bean bag toss is easy to make too. Just attach point values to bowls, and start throwing bean bags to earn prizes.

I also used an x-acto knife and duct tape to turn an old box into a frisbee toss. So simple!

And what is easier than stacking cups to make a knock down game? It's a classic carnival game for sure.

Old boxes make good carnival games too. Put the lid on an angle, cut a few holes, and you've got a wonderful ball toss game.

And just to keep things interesting, and to help the kids perserve the memories from the party, set up a carnival photo booth. I have some great tips and tricks (and free printable photo props) here.

It's so easy to set up a backyard carnival, and it's popular with all ages. These carnival games and activities are simple, inexpensive, and lots of fun!

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)