Simple DIY Camping Cake

I am not a professional cake decorator, but I do like making my boys cakes on their birthdays. So, when my two youngest boys had a camping themed birthday party, I make them two separate campfire cakes. They were simple to make, and my boys loved them!

My middle son chose a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and my youngest son chose a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

For the chocolate cake, I used chocolate wafer cookies to make the campfire logs, and I used froot roll ups cut and wrapped around wooden skewers for the fire. I trimmed the outside of the cake with roasted marshmallows.

For the vanilla cake, I used Twix bars for the campfire logs, and froot roll ups for the fire.

As you can see, my boys were both were super happy with their cakes... and I liked that they were easy to make.

Hopefully, their birthday wishes come true! 😄

Do you like making simple homemade cakes for special occasions? They don't always turn out perfect, but they are always special.

Gina Bell 
(Mom and amateur party planner)

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