Celebrating the First Day of School

Planning a celebration for the first day of school is a wonderful idea... and it can be done VERY easily. All you need is a little DIY decor, a simple treat buffet, and an inexpensive party favor. Today, I'm sharing my best tips for celebrating the first day of school with a simple DIY party.

Simple decor - To decorate for a simple first day of school party, start with what you already have. Stacks of books, wooden alphabet blocks, a vase full of apples, and chalkboards are fantastic. You can also use apples to "paint stamp" a fun banner, or you decorate with balloons and printed signs.

Party food - Kids will love this simple DIY first day of school food buffet. The centre piece is a giant cookie made with my favourite soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then, you can use dollar store jars, punny notes, and treats to create an array of goodies.  For example, you can include: sweet tarts (for a "sweet" start to the new year), gummy "book worms", teddy bear crackers (for a "beary good year"), and excel gum (for an "EXCEL"lent first day of school).

Party favors - No party is complete with a little gift / party favor for the guests. I love colourful dollar store party glasses for a first day of school party favor. They are super cute in a jar with a tag that says "LOOKing forward to a great school year!"

Cute ideas, right?!? To download the tags for the first day of school buffet and party favors: click on the photos below, right click, save them to your computer, and print them like regular 4x6 photos.

The first day of school can be pretty hectic, so a simple celebration is perfect for the occassion.

Important milestones deserve special celebrations, and I think this simple first day of school party is easy, inexpensive, and super-fun. Happy first day of school!

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)

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