40+ PARTY FAVOR ideas for kids of all ages

Don't we all have a love / hate relations with party favors? Loot bags are fun for kids to give and receive, but they can be a nightmare for parents planning parties. Am I right? Well, we can all agree that no one likes a bag full of junk, so today I am sharing OVER 40 of my favourite unique and inexpensive party favor ideas. You are going to love them all!

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1) Pool noodle light sabers - These pool noodle light sabers are a lot of fun for a Star Wars party, and they are easy and inexpensive to make. (Older kids could even make their own.) Find the step by step tutorial here.

2) Baking party favors - Containers filled with treats the children bake at the party, packages of cookie mix with cute cookie cutters, or cupcake parfaits make adorable "baking" themed party favors.

3) Books - When a party is planned around a child's favorite book or author, the loot bag can be a book that fits with that theme.  {e.g. Plan a party with a Dr. Seuss theme or A Hungry Caterpillar theme.}   

4) Camping party favors - Cute tags and water balloon fun are the perfect combination for little campers.

5) Circus/Carnival party favors - Clown noses, ring master mustaches on sticks, and face paints.   

6) First birthday favors- Loot bag ideas for "baby" guests include: bibs, rubber duckies and wash cloths, books, and stuffed animals.

7) Art party favors - The creativity can continue after the party with art supply loot bags that include: dollar store canvases, paints, and paint brushes.

8) Music party favors - Keep the party rocking with loot bags that include: back stage passes, rock star glasses and inexpensive instruments.

9) Pirate party favors - These fun ideas ARRRRR perfect pirate party favors: Handmade pirate treasure chests filled with treats or Pirate Booty (with cute printable tags you can find here).  

10) Pool party favors - "Cool" pool party themed favors include: beach towels tied with a ribbon, buckets and shovels, or balls packaged as cute cool treats.

11) Princess party favors - Handmade princess wands make a fun DIY party favor.  (Just paint dowels pink and add hand-stitched felt stars and a cute button to the top.)

12Race car party favors - Driver's Licences (which you can see here) and matchbox cars make wonderful favors for race car fans.

13) Sledding party favors - "Make your own snowman" kits are perfect for a winter party.  (Get all the supplies you need at the dollar store:  hats, scarfs, and some big buttons. Attach notes that say "Just add snow!") Snowman Soup (a bag containing hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate and a candy cane stir stick) is also fun.

14) Sleepover party favors - Homemade pillow cases and non toxic nail polish are wonderful sleepover favor options.

15) Movie party favors - Sending home popcorn with a cute "Thanks for popping by!" tag couldn't be easier... and it's super-cute too.

16) Super hero party favorsHandmade, no-sew super hero Capes & Masks are sure to make an impression on pint-sized super heros. They are easy and inexpensive to make too!

17) Playdough - You can share homemade playdough using my favorite no cook recipe here. Or, you can buy play-doh and package it with "Thanks for coming to my party. It was DOH-lightful!" tags.

18) Coloring Books and crayons - Coloring books with packages of crayons make wonderful party favours for younger children. You could even make your own crayons in shapes that go along with the party theme.  (You can find the tutorial for recycled crayons here.)

19) Personalized Clip Boards - Handmade clipboards are easy to craft, and they make wonderful party favors. You can even use scrapbook paper to match the theme of the party. Find the full tutorial here.

20) Bubbles - You can give big bottles of bubbles as party favors, or you can give "make your own bubbles" kits that include everything they need to make their own bubbles.

21) Cupcakes - Individually packaged cupcakes are delicious and fun.  Adding trinkets (like plastic rings) just makes them better.

22) Finger puppets - Handmade felt finger puppets are adorable and easy to make using the tutorial you can find here.

23) Frames - Guests can decorate frames, and pictures of guests can be taken at the party and delivered at a later date.  (You could write something like.... "The content of this frame is currently hollow, but a really cute picture is certain to follow.  Thanks for coming to my party.")

24) Balls - Bags can be filled with bouncy balls or happy face balls, and tags can be attached that say "Thanks for coming.  I hope you had a BALL at my party."

25) Personalized labels - Who doesn't love a practical gift... like personalized name labels?  ("Loot bag" packages can be ordered from places like Olivers labels for $4.99 per person.)

26)  Cookie cuttersCookie cutters that fit with the theme of the party make great loot bags when you package them with your favorite cookie recipe or cookie mix in a jar.

27) Homemade Hair Clips - Handmade gifts are always a little bit more special than stuff you buy.  Hair clips are easy and inexpensive to make and make adorable and unique party favors. (I have a great tutorial for monkey and frog clips that you can find here.)

28) Journals and fancy pens - Dress up plain journals with cute personalized labels for a unique and useful party favor.  (You can find an example of one we made here.)  You could also include homemade flower pens for an extra bit of fun.

29) "Make your own sidewalk paint" kit - For a eco-friendly party favor, wrap up all the supplies needed to make sidewalk paint, and include paintbrushes and full instructions. (You can find the "how to" here.)

30) Mugs and hot chocolate - Fill mugs with packages of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and include notes that say, "It warms my heart to have a friend like you.  Thanks for coming to my party!"

31) Spy kits - Filling a paper bag with inexpensive "spy" supplies creates an adorable spy kit party favor that kids will love. Find more info here.

32) LEGO party favors - These cupcakes with LEGO chocolates on top make adorable party favors for LEGO lovers. Find the containers here and the LEGO molds here.

33) Pixie dust party favor - This is the perfect DIY party favour for a pirate, Peter Pan, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed party. Click on the link for the instructions and free downloadable tag.

34) Prize punch party favors - With DIY prize punches (made from dollar store supplies) claiming your party favor is the best part. You can customize the prize punch (and its contents) for any age group or party theme. Find out how to make one here.

35) Harry Potter party favors - There are many fun options for DIY party favors for a Harry Potter themed party. Guests can "shop" for treats at Honeydukes sweet shop, choose a wand from Ollivander's, and bring home a personalized spell book and quill. Click the links for more info.

36) Breakfast favor for a sleepover or "half sleepover" - Little boxes of cereal packaged with spoons and tags make adorable party favors for sleepovers or "half sleepovers". You can download tags (for free) here

37) Midnight kisses favor for a New Year's Eve party - Plastic champagne flutes filled with chocolate kisses make perfect New Year's Eve party favours. Download the "midnight kisses" tags for FREE here

38) Bowling party favors - Adding bowling pin tags to age appropriate contents creates useful and fun bowling party favors. Download the tags for FREE here.

39) Sock puppet kits - These sock puppet kits, packaged in mason jars, make the perfect DIY party favor. The crafty fun will continue long after the party has ended. Find all the details here.

40) Candy Kabobs - Candy kabobs is a fun party activity and loot bag. Kids can customize the candy kabob that they want to take home after the party.

Bonus ideas:

41) Water balloons - Water balloons make fun loot bags for many party themes, but they are especially fun for a NERF party. You can buy water balloons in bulk here... and you can download the FREE printable NERF tags here

42) Straws with fun tags - How cute are these crazy straws with "Sip Sip Hurray! Thanks for coming to my birthday!" tags? You can use plastic or reusable straws, and you can download the tags for free here.

43) Little craft kits - Sending kids home with a fun "after party" activity is clever and fun. I love these little beaded keychain craft kits.

44) Halloween party favors - These little pouches of magic potion can be turned into delightful caldron cakes in less than a minute. These tiny treats are sure to please all the ghosts and goblins visiting you on October 31st.

45) Thanksgiving turkey treats
- If you are having guests at Thanksgiving, you are going to want to send them home with one of these adorable cookie treats. Find all the details (and FREE printable tags) here.

46) Personalized water bottles - A great way to serve drinks at a party (without waste), and then the kids can take the bottle home as a party favor. Clever, right?!?

47) Treats with PUNNY tags - I love inexpensive treats with cute tags. I made fun ones for my son's graduation party that you can download here.

A fun and unique party favor is a great way to end a party and show your guests how much you appreciate them attending. Do you have a favorite idea for an easy and inexpensive loot bag? Please share your best party favor / goodie bag / loot bag ideas below.

Gina Bell

(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)

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