Party Prize Punches

Several years ago, I created a simple DIY party prize punch. My goal was to create a fun way to distribute hockey cards at my son's birthday party, so I headed to the dollar store and purchased some supplies. I made a fantastic prize punch with: a piece of foam core, plastic cups, tissue paper, and a glue gun. Since my first creation, I have made many different versions for all my boys' subsequent parties. Today, I am sharing everything you need to know to make your own prize punch... and trust me... if you can work a glue gun, you can totally make this DIY party game.

To make a party prize punch:
1) Fill plastic cups with prizes. 
2) Cut squares of tissue paper slightly larger than a plastic cup.
3) Use a glue gun to make a ring around the top edge of the cup, and quickly seal the tissue paper over the top of the cup. Repeat for all the cups.
4) Use hot glue to attach the base of the cups to a piece of foam core.

The best thing about prize punches is that you can fill them with whatever you want. My first prize punch was filled with hockey cards. I've also used mini chocolate bars, coins, candy, and dollar store trinkets.

You can also make prize punches in different shapes and designs. I made a pumpkin for Halloween and a heart for Valentine's Day. You could also make a Shamrock for St.Patrick's Day, an egg for Easter or a tree for Christmas.

You can also make them coordinate with any party colour scheme. I've also coordinated them with sports team colours and made them to match NERF gun bullets.

Usually the party guests just poke through the tissue paper, but you can be creative. For our carnival party kids threw bouncy balls, and at our NERF party guests had to shoot through the tissue paper.

Party prize punches really are easy and inexpensive to make, they add a custom detail to a DIY party, and they are a lot of fun. Give one a try at your next party. I guarantee that if you can work a glue gun, you can successfully create one using my step-by-step tutorial.

Gina Bell
(Mom and Amateur Party Planner)

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